Beach Wedding Fashion for Groom and Groomsmen

Hi Guys,

This week I am bringing you some eye candy :) 

Here are some tips for choosing attire for groom and groomsmen:

Shoes: do not wear close-toe shoes on the beach. Have sandals or flip flops. You will take them of before going to the beach anyway.

Shirt: Pick fabric that is cotton or linen. Choose colors carefully. and do not go with bright and busy prints. Remember that solid colors always look sharp on pictures.

Tie or bow tie: this season bow ties are featured in every fashion magazine. I think they are chic, elegant and fun. Ties are also great. Ties and bow ties are a great way to incorporate your beach wedding colors.

Here is beach wedding fashion board for guys:

Beach Wedding Fashion for Groom and Groomsmen

Suit vest in Italian chino
$98 –

Mister Linen
$110 –

Corsica Shirt
$110 –

White Angle Plaid Shirt
$110 –

Beach Walker Sandals
$68 –
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“Trash the Dress!” Photoshoot After the Beach Wedding

The actual wedding day is a great day to get those elegant, proper, lovey-dovey shots of the bride and groom all dressed up. But the wedding is over and the dress is now hanging up in the corner of the closet. I think a “trash the dress” photo shoot is an awesome idea. It allows brides to have fun with the photographer without the worry of getting the dress dirty. It’s a chance to see who you really are (but in a nice dress). Let the photographer take pictures of you on your husbands Harley, or pictures of you playing in the water at the beach, or even pictures of you dancing in the rain with bright color rain boots on. This is your chance to just let go and have fun!!!

Here are some ideas from our brides:



Contact Princess Wedding to get pricing for Destin Beach wedding Trash The Dress session with one of our photographers.

Have a fabulous Destin beach wedding planning,

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Destin Beach Weddings or Princess Wedding?

Let me take you back in time just a little bit…

My wedding was in Denver, but at the time I was living in Panama City Beach. I did all of the planning by myself and it was done mostly over the internet. At that time, I had just finished school and did not have a full-time job or a family so planning it alone was tough, but doable. When I created Princess Wedding, I set out to make a resource for brides who are planning to have a destination wedding. My goal was to provide beautiful, high-end decorations and constant support to brides who just don’t have the time to plan every detail of their fabulous weddings on their own. My idea was to take as much stress from them as possible and share my expertise with them.

Since 2003, Princess Wedding has changed a lot. I have grown. The Princess Wedding brand has grown. We started as girly, pink Princess Wedding and have since matured into the elegant and sophisticated Princess Wedding brand.

I have known for a while now that change is inevitable, but I wasn’t sure in what direction it was going. I considered (only for a second, I promise) changing the name of the company to something generic like Destin Beach Wedding Packages Company, or Panama City Beach Wedding Planner. The reason is that those names are very search engine friendly. For example, when brides punch “Destin Beach Weddings” into Google, we would be right there on the first page. TADA! No branding needed. BUT! What fun is in that? And how strong would that brand be? Have you looked at how many of these companies are out there? Is it easy for you to differentiate between them? Or do they all look a like?

Well, that is exactly why I decided against that idea. I decided to stay authentic and true to Princess Wedding and be dedicated to promoting and developing the brand. It is going to be a long road, but I know it will be fulfilling and so worth it.

I am excited with all the changes that are happening and can’t wait to share them with you.

Here is what I have done so far:

We recently launched our new website, which was designed and coded by our own talented IT guru, Jim. We have a new logo and packages arriving soon.  And, our Twitter and Facebook accounts have recently been launched. Check us out on Twitter: pr_wedding

I will keep you posted on our progress (click the business category to bring posts about our brand development).

Here is our old logo :) I love this logo so much and it was developed by the awesome Modera (the designer is actually one of the guys who developed Skype! and is from my hometown Tallinn, Estonia! Yes, very proud of that!). But as the Princess Wedding brand is changing and growing, so is the need for a new identity and logo.  Be on the lookout, our new one will be revealed soon!


Have a fabulous time planning your beach wedding,


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Rose Petal Cones for Florida Beach Wedding Ceremony

I absolutely love the idea of giving guests cones full of fresh rose petals for send offs. It adds an extra level of uniqueness and elegance to any beach wedding. Petals like these are biodegradable, and much better for the environment than the rice or confetti that has traditionally been thrown at weddings. Plus its a great way to include your guests in the ceremony.

You can add a cute quote, initials of the bride and groom, or just the date of wedding to the cone. The cones don’t have to be white either. You can change the color of the paper to match your theme, or just add a hint of color with a bow or ribbon on front. There are endless possibilities to make the cones and flower petals unique to your wedding. And did I mention you get a fabulous pictures of you being showered with rose petals while walking down the aisle for the first time as husband and wife.

Princess Wedding offers 10 rose petal cones for $50! Email your coordinator and we will be happy to add them to your package.

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Mayya’s Trend Report: Tropical Beach Wedding

Hello Ladies,

My name is Mayya and I am a wedding photographer at Princess Wedding Co.  My passions are photography, design, and fashion.  One day I hope to shoot for a big fashion magazine like Vogue or Elle.  Dream big or go home, right?  From now on, every week I will be creating and sharing my inspirational boards and current beach wedding trends with you.

Lately we have had so many classic white weddings that I thought we needed to spice things up and add some color!

Here is my inspirational board for a Tropical Beach Wedding:

Tropical Beach Wedding

Marchesa long gown
$3,357 –

Christian Louboutin peep toe heels
$495 –

Floral jewelry
$249 –

Kate Spade 14k jewelry
$55 –

Tacori wedding jewelry
$2.50 –

Irene Neuwirth pave jewelry
$16,300 –

Be fabulous,
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Real Weddings of Princess Wedding Ladies: Edina Nicoloff

Edina is not only our photographer extraordinaire, but she is also one of my dearest and best friends. Her husband Jim is a great friend of my husband. They are both in the Air Force and went to fighter pilot training together. Jim, being the nice guy he is, volunteered to help out at one of our beach weddings. That wedding turned into Edina’s and his first date.  The rest is history!

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Real Princess Weddings (Miramar Beach, FL): Melissa and Jeffrey

Incredibly stunning couple gets married!

Melissa and Jeffrey were married in Miramar Beach Florida. I am so excited to share their wedding ceremony pictures with you guys! The ceremony was all white decor with hint of pink accent (those were the colors of my wedding also!). So need I say more I absolutely loved it. It s funny because when Edina emailed me the pictures, subject line read “you are going to love this”.  She knows me too well.

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Water Bottles for Your Beach Wedding

Trust me, your guests will appreciate a nice cold drink at the beach wedding ceremony. You are at the beach and everyone is outside, so even if you are having a sunset ceremony your guests will be parched.  A lot of guests stick around during the bride and groom’s photo shoot, which can take up to an hour, so having chilled water bottles readily available for them is an excellent idea. Step up a notch and have personalized labels made! You can choose colors that will match your wedding decore. Also, personalized water bottles set up in a white serving basket look gorgeous in pictures!

You can add water bottles to your beach wedding package (Princess Wedding Co. charges $50 for 24 water bottles, or $75 for personalized water bottles. Bottles are displayed in a beautifully coordinated white serving basket with ice.)

Have a fabulous day,

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Tweet Me!


Hi guys! Have you heard about Twitter? probably. So I am super late with this but I finally broke down and got Princess Wedding a twitter account. Yes it is a fact. We are cool now :)

if you want to stay in touch throughout planning your beach wedding follow us @pr_wedding

Tweet me questions, suggestions or just because!!! Love to hear from you!

See you on Twetterland!

Have a fabulous day,


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