Bridesmaids Gifts To Die For

Your bridesmaids are your best friends in life. Your partners in crime, your loving sisters. When it comes to planning your wedding day, they are there to help you in any way they can. So why not give them a gift they deserve.

Plum Pretty Sugar sells amazing cotton voile robes (Voile is just a fancy word for saying lightweight, semi-sheer cotton weave). They have so many enchanting designs to chose from. No matter which pattern you chose to get for your ladies, they will easily impress. They are guaranteed to be used again and again by whomever you give them to!!

Another good use of the robes from Plum Pretty Sugar is for you, the bride. When the wedding is said and done, slip on one of those Eve inspired robes and just relax. Not only will you feel calm and relaxed, but it’ll be a guaranteed eye pleaser for the new groom.

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Social Media and Beach Wedding Planning


Hi guys,

It is a beatiful saturday here in Panama City Beach weddingworld. We have one wedding scheduled for today, Anneli and Mayya are hard at work as we speak. They already texted me a  picture of set up and it looks gorgeous, can’t wait to share pictures with you soon.

If you read this blog then you are probably thinking or already decided on having a beach wedding. and I love you for that :) Beach weddings are awesome, beatiful, fun, elegant, gorgeous, fabulous, super romantic and so much more………..

Your beach wedding will probably be a destination wedding. My best advise to you is to stay connected with your wedding coordinator. This is where the social media comes in.  Check if your wedding planner has a Twitter account, Facebook page, Tumblr, Pinterest and Blog. And here is why:

Twitter- use it for quick questions, advice and just to stay updated on what is going on in beach wedding world. Chat with us here

Facebook- many coordinators put pictures of their real weddings here. You will be able to see different color variations of your preferred beach wedding package and get ideas from other brides. Come see (and love) our real beach weddings here

Pinterest- just Awesome! Perfect place to get inspired. create your own beach wedding boards and see your wedding coordinator’s design boards. Pinterest is full of inspiration, design ideas, and all things pretty. Peek at our gorgeousness here

Blog- this one is a must. We share our expertize here. All of our knowledge is right here for you to take. Use it and you will save yourself a lot of stress and be the most informed beach bride. i promise.

Tumblr-  great place to start your own diary about planning a wedding. You can keep it private, you can connect with your wedding coordinator, and share it with your friends. It is super fast and easy way to document your journey of planning a beach wedding. Visit our beach wedding world here

Stay connected,


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“Green” Destin and Panama City Beach Weddings

Green weddings are becoming a big trend with Florida destination weddings. We are seeing more and more couples making green choices in effort to give back to environment. A beach wedding is the perfect way to go if you and your partner want to integrate “green” principles.

Using the beach with the sand, the water, the fresh outdoor air is a perfect way to start a green wedding. There is so much beauty in nature, and just think of how great your wedding pictures will turn out! It’s hard to get a natural beauty in photographs when the wedding is inside.

Plus, having the wedding outdoors on the beach saves on energy such as electric to light the venue and heat to keep everyone warm. The beach gives you perfect lighting and excellent weather keeping everyone happy and comfortable. Other ways to keep your wedding “green” is to opt for fresh rose petals and flowers instead if silk (because they are biodegradable and safe to leave in the sand) , use sashes made from recycled material (such as burlap. we just did a wedding with burlap sashes and it looked fabulous! pictures coming soon), incorporate natural materials into ceremony (bamboo arbor is a great example), eco friendly and locally grown food for your reception, and ask for donations instead of gifts.

Destin Beach weddings are also eco friendly because a lot of the beaches used are close to hotels. This is great because your guests won’t have to travel very far to get back and forth from the ceremony. This saves gas, money, and many other expenses. Not only are you benefiting from having your guests close by, but your guests will love the convenience as well.

Another great way of integrating “green” into your wedding is making it personal.  Guests love being a part of the big day.  So instead of ordering custom flowers and bouquets,  tell your guests the color theme and ask each of them to bring a flower or two of their choice.  Have vases on the tables where they can place the flowers they brought.  It will be fun for the guests, and also add a little spice to the wedding day.

Let our wedding coordinators help you in every way possible to make it the perfect “green” Destin Beach wedding or Panama City Beach wedding for you and your future spouse.

Last updated: November 26, 2014 at 22:22 pm

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Mayyas Trend Report: Kim Kardashian Inspired Bridesmaid’s Look for Less

Kim Kardashian Inspired Bridesmaids

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Mayyas Trend Report: Kim Kardashian Inspired Look 3

Kim Kardashian Bridal Inspired Look for Less

Nadri bangle bracelet
$248 –

Stud earrings
$1,179 –

Parchment Books | Pieces
$35 –

Nadri Large Hinged Bangle | Nordstrom
$248 –

white by vera wang
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Mayyas Trend Report: Kim Kardashian Inspired Bridal Look 2

Kim Kardashian Inspired Bridal Look

Nadri silver bangle
$248 –

Tasha silver drop earrings
$48 –

Parchment Books | Pieces
$35 –

Beach Bride / $1200
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Mayyas Trend Report: Kim Kardashian Look for Less

Kim Kardashian Look for Less

Teardrop jewelry
$85 –

Tasha hair accessory
$68 –

Tasha sparkly hair accessory
$68 –

Parchment Books | Pieces
$35 –

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Kim Kardashian Inspired Beach Wedding

It’s been 2 months since Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries tied the knot, but I am still obsessed with it all. It was so beautiful and elegant!

Kim said in interviews that her inspiration for much of the wedding was a classic, old Hollywood style. Even for Panama City Beach weddings or Destin beach wedding, this style is easily accomplished. Try incorporating crystals in small places, like in the center of your flowers, or in the vases used as table center pieces. Another fun thing to try is white feathers! Maybe put one in your bouquet, hang them in front of lights, glue them on invitations, or maybe even put one in your hair!

Old Hollywood is all about glamor in the small things. The two simplest colors, black and white, are what really defines the style. But a small hint of color, like red, can make the style pop to an even greater elegance.

A beach old Hollywood wedding would turn out completely beautiful, fulfilling anyone’s wish of glamour and elegance in a wedding.

Here are some pictures from her wedding (for more visit: TMZ Kim Kardashian Wedding):


Have  fabulous beach wedding planning,


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Business: Vote for Your Favorite Logo for Princess Wedding Co

Hello Guys,

As you know rebranding of Princess Wedding co is in full force and I need your help. We have been working with super talented Mike from Nolasco Desing on our new logo. He did such an amazing job that I just can not decide which logo to choose. This is where I need your help. Please take a minute and vote on your favorite option for logo on our Facebook page:

Here are logo options:


Option 2:

Thank you in advance. You guys are the best!
Last updated: November 26, 2014 at 20:51 pm

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New Destin Beach Wedding Decor

Today, I wanted to share our new Destin and Panama City beach wedding decor with you guys: Bali Flags! Bali flags look so chic on the beach and have such a grand presence. I love how high the are. All the guest at this wedding were talking about how amazing they looked. You can set them up however you want. For example: along the walk way (but before the aisle way decor), as a background or anyway you like.

We just started using these flags at the end of this season, so they are not in our packages yet, so if you like them let us know and we will send you more info on how to add them to your package.

On another note…..As much as I like to give advise to my brides about beach weddings, I learn something new from each one of you. Every couple we work with has its own vision and style for their wedding. And I love that. We adjust our packages according to your colors and theme. We love to learn about new trends and ALWAYS listen your advice. Few new trend that  our brides shared with us are: burlap sashes (thanks Sonya), Bali Flags (thanks Tiffany), silk sash down the aisle way (thanks Alena), parasol umbrellas (thank you Tara) and so many more. More new beach wedding decor coming soon……..

Last updated: November 26, 2014 at 21:36 pm

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