Beach Wedding Inspirations with Pinterest

Don’t you just love having a bit of inspiration when it comes down to planning your wedding?

Our company has an account on  (think of Pinterest as a virtual pinboard, place to catalog and share the things you love) we LOVE to show what inspires us. We have quite a few boards already. We have some on beach wedding color palettes, dresses, shoes, and even accessories.

BUT be aware Pinterest is definitely addicting! All of our coordinators are on there plenty of times during the week. All of the weddings we plan need a starting point to design. Some of our followers already help us and check what they like best, or what they think would be a great addition to our boards. Create an account (if you don’t already have one) and follow us!! We would love to see what every bride finds inspiring. Every wedding is different, but every idea for a wedding is beautiful too!!!

As of right now you need to request invite to join Pinterest  but they are super fast with response.  if you have any trouble email me and I will send you an invite.

So go to Pinterest (and see for yourself just how amazing it is) and get inspired,


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Real Destin Beach Weddings: Brittany and Justin {Destin, Florida}

Hi guys,

I hope you  had a wonderful Thanksgiving and spent plenty of time with your families. Now you are recharged and ready to dive back into planning your fabulous Destin beach weddings. As you know, this blog is pretty new and we are still trying to figure out what interests YOU. So lately I have been getting a lot of requests for more real Destin beach weddings and Panama City Beach weddings. Since we have a little break from beach weddings and CD’s from our (most fabulous and talented) photographers keep arriving in my mail box, I promise to share more real beach weddings with you.

This week we will start off with the beautiful wedding of Brittany and Justin. Brittany perfectly coordinated the color combination for her beach wedding decor. She created a perfect color balance between turquoise blue, brown and pink. Brilliant!!! And I am dying over her gorgeous dress! We had a little unexpected inconvenience with trying to figure out the location (due to the hotel not cooperating with us. Needless to say they are not on our Planning Guide anymore). But together we quickly found another even more gorgeous location and it all worked out perfectly at the end. So without further adieu, I am going to let pictures speak for themselves:


Package: Serenity Package ( with custom bamboo arbor material)

Flowers: Signature Bridal Bouquet by Princess Wedding Co

Wedding Coordinator: our own fabulous Janet

Photographer: our talented Edina, Edina Kiss Photography


Happy beach wedding planning,

Last updated: November 26, 2014 at 22:34 pm

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{DIY Project} Christmas Wreath

Now that Thanksgiving is over it is all about Christmas in our house. I am so ready for decorations, cookies and christmas music.  Yesterday I went to Hobby Lobby to stock up on new Christmas decore. I was looking for a new wreath but with a price tag of $50 after 50% off), crazy I know, I decided to create my own. It is super easy, no glue, scissors required and it takes only 15 minutes to create.

Supplies (all from Hobby Lobby): flower wire $2, basic wreath $4.50, christmas ornaments of any color $0 (used my the ones I already had), other decorations about $4. Total $ 10.50

Time: 15 minutes

Here are the results:

Happy Christmas planning,


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Happy Thanksgiving Beach Wedding World!!!!

Today is a happy day! Today officially kick starts a holiday season. This is absolutely my most favorite time of the year. We can eat until we hurt, spend valuable time with our loved ones and just sit back and relax. The turkey is in the oven, The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is on TV, and friends will be arriving soon. It is almost perfect, the only thing that  is missing are our families. I wish our parents lived closer and that we could spend this day together. But at least we got to Skype today!

To our gorgeous and fabulous brides, we are thankful for YOU! Thank you for trusting us with your special day! We promise to help make it one of the most memorable days in your life.  You are AWESOME! Off to cook with the family.


Happy Thanksgiving,



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{Beach Wedding} What Happens if it Rains

How many times have you wondered what happens with your Destin beach wedding if it rains? Did you loose some sleep over it? Does it gets worse the closer your wedding gets?

So lets talk about RAIN!

Here are our your options:

{Option 1} Have a back up location. For most this is a banquette room in a condo or hotel where you are staying or a reception hall. This is the most popular option BUT my least favorite one. You have dreamed of a BEACH wedding ceremony and not to be locked in a small room with no windows. So rain should not stop you! With a little flexibility (from you, your guests, and your vendors) there is no reason you should miss out on a beautiful beach wedding ceremony and pictures on the beach. and that brings us to the next option.

{Option 2} Play with time. If you are having a beach wedding in Florida, then this option is almost perfect for you. Rain here is usually short, so you can change the time of your ceremony accordingly.  Here are the steps: check the weather forecast two days before your wedding (do not look earlier than that because it is not that accurate), then check it again the day before. Analyze what you see- what is the chance of rain?- if it is 70% or more then talk to your coordinator about changing the time of your wedding and be prepared to make a decision that night or the next morning. This gives us plenty of time to contact all of the vendors and gives you plenty of time to let your guests know of the change.  If it is less than 70% relax and look at it the next morning (if you have a wedding coordinator she will do all of this for you). In the morning look at the forecast hour by hour (this will give you a better idea) and then see what time there is the least chance of rain. For example:

2 pm 30% rain

3 pm 20% rain

4 pm 10% rain

5 pm 50% rain

6 pm 70% rain with thunderstorms

7 pm 70% rain with thunderstorms

If your wedding is scheduled for 6 pm,  it is probably a good idea to move it to 3 pm or 4 pm.

{Option 3} Choose a beach wedding location that has a covered pavilion on the beach or a beach house that has big covered porch. This option is great if you do not have the flexibility of moving the time for your ceremony or if rain starts right before your ceremony. One of the cons of this is that some decorations can’t be set up there, such as chairs (due to the space) or our bamboo arbor (can only be set up in the sand). Personally, this is a much more preferred option than {option 1}, because you still have the beach and ocean and as a backdrop.

Again, rain is quite short here is Florida, so once it is over we can proceed with the photo shoot on the beach. If it does not stop ask your photographer if he/she can meet you the next day for a photo shoot (Edina and Mayya offer that at no extra cost).

{Options 4} It has been raining all day with no end in site. The weather forecast shows 100% chance of rain. Now what do you do? Call you wedding coordinator, if she hasn’t called you yet :)  This is where you turn to {option 3} and schedule a photo shoot on the beach for the next day or move your wedding ceremony to the next day. Tip: When you are planning  a beach ceremony, do not schedule to leave the next day.

Whatever option you opt for do not let rain ruin your special day.  Do not stress out! It is your day and everything will be alright.

Happy beach wedding planning,


Last updated: November 26, 2014 at 21:49 pm

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Mayyas Beach Wedding Trend Report {Lace}

Beach Wedding Fashion- Lace

Happy Saturday!!! This week we will continue with trends for beach weddings. I have followed this year’s New York Bridal Market Week (equivalent to fashion week ) and let me tell you that 2012 is going to be awesome! Classic bridal look is back (maybe Kate Middelton effect?) and lace is more popular than ever. Lace gives bridal gown romantic, vintagy/chic look and to be honest I think it is one of the most elegant fabrics of all times.

Be fabulous,


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{DIY Project} Sand brushes for your Beach wedding

Having your wedding on the beach means you and your guests have to deal with sand on your feet and in between your toes.

A fun wedding favor would be customized sand brushes! They look like regular paint brushes you can find at the hardware store, but have a softer, more silky feel to the bristles. You can easily decorate them with stickers showing your wedding date, and even a tied ribbon matching your color scheme. Some companies offer a great deal of variation to make them exactly what you want.  But you can easily make them yourself.  Here is my attempt at our first DIY project.

Supplies: scissors, personalized stickers, silk ribbon, paint brushes, and metal tin.

Cost: Brushes $0.99 cents ea., silk ribbon $3.99, metal bin $5, Stickers $5.

Time: 15 minutes

Step 1- Cut silk ribbon to the desired length. I used two colors.


Step 2- Put Stickers on your brushes. To create personalized stickers you will need- AVERY round glossy white 2inch stickers (I get them at Office Max). Download this template , type your initials or wedding logo and you are ready to print. 

 Step 3- Tie silk ribbon around brush 


They turned out so cute and are so useful!!

Your guests will love the fact that you were thinking about them when you chose your wedding favors!!

Happy beach wedding planning,


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What is Happening in our Beach Wedding Office

Hi ladies,

It has been a very relaxing and a long weekend at the ranch in Bandera, TX. We rode horses, ate smores, enjoyed nature and I took whole 4 days off (thats unheard of) from internet and checking my emails (apologies to all my brides and new clients, I do not usually do that). But it was a much needed family time and I am back full of energy, new exciting ideas and ready to tackle my overflowing to do list.

This week we will discuss:

What to do incase of rain (and you are having a beach ceremony)  and how to prepare

DIY project (Brushes for Sand)

Mayyas Beach Wedding Fashion Report

Stay tuned,





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Mayyas Beach Wedding Trend Report

Hi Guys,

2011 beach wedding season is coming to the end. It has been super busy, but amazing one. We had a chance to work with the most fabulous, chic, smart, and stylish brides! I feel so lucky and blessed to have met each and every one of you. Thank you for letting us be part of your wedding!

While browsing through  my work I noticed that one color in particular dominated our beach weddings in 2011. Turquoise/Tiffany blue silk sashes, bridesmaids dresses, sand ceremonies, flower accents, and other decor were present at many of our weddings. Even our new website design has been influenced by Tiffany blue (new website will be real eased soon).

So this week’s beach wedding fashion report is all about turquoise beach weddings:



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