Annely’s Favorite Things {2011}

Hi guys,

First things first I would like to wish you all a very Happy Holidays! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and best wishes for an incredible New Year! I can’t wait to meet each one of you and make your beach wedding a success!

I love wearing heals, but being a busy mother of two and working as a wedding coordinator I had to find heals that would be stylish as well as comfortable. Gucci d’Orsay stilettos are just that. Plus they are classic and will stay in fashion forever!

Another staple of mine are pearls. My Majorca pearls from Saks Fifth Avenue can flawlessly take my wardrobe from a casual to an elegant look. You can wear them with a T-shirt and jeans or with cocktail dress.

I resisted the “Ugg trend” for as long as I could. But this year I caved in and tried on a pair. Seriously, though, I get it now. My feet are in heaven! Still, I try to stay true to my classic look and choose to wear white ones. So what’s not to love about Uggs (besides the price tag)?  They are so comfy and paired with the right outfit can still look classy.

To escape the chaos of two kids and stress of beach weddings I light my White Sand Oasis fragranced soy candles from Target  and my whole house turns into bliss. The wonderful scent helps me feel relaxed and calm.

The best chocolate in the world is Guylian Belgian chocolate seashells. Even though I may need an extra workout after this sweet indulgence,  I love love love it.  Vita Coco Coconut water is also amazing. If you haven’t tried it yet you must. It is super refreshing, low in calories, high in potassium, completely natural and is delicious.

Being a wedding coordinator I need to stay connected with my brides and other vendors and have instant access to the internet. Many weddings have been saved thanks to my darling iPhone. It really is one of the best things invented!

Being a working mom I have little time for make up. Jane Ireland pressed powder makes my skin flawless in seconds. Plus it stays perfectly on my face during some of the hotter beach weddings.

Happy Holidays,


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My 8 Favorite Things – Edina – {2011}

Hello everyone,
I love the idea of sharing our favorite things. It lets you guys know a little bit more about us and about our personal styles. I wanted to wish our couples the most amazing Christmas and New Year.

I found Aloe Lips (by Forever Living) about 8 years ago and I still love it. It soothes, smoothes and moisturizes chapped and dry lips, and I don’t need to reapply it like other products. It simply works.

Clarisonic  – Mia Sonic Skin Cleansing.  I use the Mia facebrush every day in the shower. Leaves my skin soft and smooth. Its like having a facial every day. Absolutely my favorite thing!

Guinot – Masque Energie Lift. About 7 or 8 years ago my Aesthetician introduce me this great product. It contains Vitamin C and Dermostimulines, which help to stimulate elastin fibers and result youthful appearances. I use it ones or twice a week.
I love my Canon 50mm f/1.2 lens – It’s a standard lens, super fast even in low light conditions, at sunset on the beach or indoors. Ultra-large aperture makes soft background blurry creating gorgeous and dreamy shots.
Nespresso Pixie – makes the best espresso and lungo. Coffee comes in little capsules, so there is no mess, no clean up. Just pop it in and your coffee is ready in 30 seconds. I also have the milk frother so I can enjoy delicious cappuccino any time.
IMac – 27″.  27” screen is great for editing photos.It is super easy to use, fast, no viruses, sleek design, syncs with my iPhone and I could go on and on ….. Simply The Best!
Oakley Polarized Sunglasses (Restless) I love my polarized Oakley sunglasses. Polarized lenses is a must have on the beach while shooting a wedding and the frame fits perfect on my face.
Schwarzkopf Gliss Kur Hair Repair. I have fine hair and there is no way I can detangle it without this leave-in conditioner.
That’s it for 2011. I hope I gave you some Christmas present ideas.
Happy Holidays,
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Real Destin Beach Weddings: Mindy and Justin

Today we will visit the wedding of Mindy and Justin. They got married at Henderson State Park in Destin, Florida. For their wedding Mindy chose a blue and white flower arbor with white chairs. Royal blue sashes added a gorgeous twist to their romantic setting and the white flower arrangements complemented the arbor perfectly.


Wedding Location: Henderson State Park, Destin, Florida

Wedding Coordinator: Janet, Princess Wedding Co

Photographer: Edina Nicoloff, Edina Kiss Photo


Happy beach wedding planning,


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Mayya’s Beach Wedding Trend Report: Pink Beach Wedding

Pink Beach Wedding

Bridal ball gown
$383 –

Giuseppe Zanotti patent leather peep toe pumps
$695 –

Kate Spade leather shoes
$168 –

Betsey Johnson party heels
$91 –

Viva La Juicy 1.7 Oz Edp
$69 –
Happy Sunday,
Pink weddings have been a trend for many years. And tell me what girl does not like pink? PInk is girly, fresh and vibrant! It can be, however, a challenge to talk your fiancee into having a pink beach wedding :)
Happy Holiday Season and see you guys next week,
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My 8 Favorite Things {2011}

I really want this blog to be  a great representation of our Princess Wedding girls, not just beach weddings, but of our styles, passions, and vision. So I thought it would be a great idea to share a few of our favorite things. In the next few weeks we will have all the girls share their must haves for 2011.

Here are my FAVORITE things:

I adore Victoria Secret! I honestly could live in their thermal pajamas. They are super comfy and not loose like many pajamas are. They fit just right. I usually get them as presents or during semiannual sale (right now they are $49).

VS Minty Lip Shine and Lip Balm are AWESOME. They are not sticky on the lips, like many lip glosses are, and add perfect shine to the lips. Did I mention they are yummy and smell heavenly as well. I have them everywhere around the house, including my car and purse.

I just recently discovered Victoria Secret Super Model Essentials Leggings. They are soft, super comfy and cute. You can wear them at home or out and about. I will definitely buy more this year. A must have for sure. Can’t wait for VS semi annual sale!!!

Cartier Tank Francaise is by far my favorite watch of all times. It is classic, sophisticated and stylish.  My lovely husband got me this watch as a “push” present and I gave a promise not to ask for another watch for a long long (long, long) time :). Which is fine because I’ve had it for 3 years now and I still love it! Chanel sunglasses are my weakness. I only get a new pair every 2-3 years but I find them so worth the money. They are always super comfy and classic. Right now I wear  Channel pearl sunglasses that I got last year (thank you Santa!). Diamond stud earrings are another staple of mine. I wear them everyday. They are just like a second skin to me. I love that they go with every outfit, are literally weightless, and look gorgeous as well.

Ahhh.. Keurig coffee maker. How could I work without you? I love love love how easy and fast it is. I use it every morning. Michael Kors Skinny Jeans. I am a fan of all things Michael Kors, but his skinny jeans are awesome. They are perfectly stretchy, comfy and look great with everything. You can go in them from day to night events. The color is perfect.

That pretty much sums my most Favorite things for 2011.

Stay in touch for more 8 Favorite Things 2011 from Mayya, Edina, and Anneli.



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Your Own Personal Beach Wedding Website


A fun part of planning a beach wedding is being able to share all the details with your guests. A great way to do this is by creating your own website! It’s actually free to do, and really easy also!

Our company made a sample website to show how easy it is. Click here to check it out:

As you can see on our personal beach wedding site, we have some tabs on the left hand side making it easy for the guests to navigate the website.  We included information about our Destin beach wedding.  When you make yours, it is easy to include what you think is important.  Too much information on one page may leave guests confused.  So create tabs that are worthy!!

Creating your own site is fun because it allows yours guests to be kept up to date with your wedding. You can put a cute story of how you fell in love and got engaged. Then you can put pictures, an RSVP board, a hotel guide, and even things to do near your reception site.

Creating a website is a great idea especially if your wedding is a destination wedding.  It’ll make traveling and planning a lot easier for your guests.

Guest will love the handiness of your website! It was so much fun, and super simple to create our sample website.  We know that you will love to create your own also!  Have fun with it!  Your guests will be so appreciative of all the information you put on your site.

Happy beach wedding planning,


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Real Navarre Beach Wedding: Holly and Christopher

Holly and Christopher got married on the private beach in front of a beach house in Navvare, Florida. They had a very romantic and intimate ceremony on the beach with bamboo arbor, white wooden chairs, white chinese lanterns and sand ceremony. Holly chose pure white and blush pink as her colors.

Enjoy this gorgeousness:

Wedding Coordination: Kristina, Princess Wedding

Photographer: Edina Nicoloff, Edina Kiss Photo

Location: Beach House, Navarre, Florida
Last updated: November 26, 2014 at 21:44 pm

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Mayya’s Beach Wedding Fashion Trend: Pearls, Pearls, Pearls

Mayya's Beach Wedding Fashion Trend: Pearls, Pearls, Pearls

Briolette cultured pearl necklace
$78 –

Freshwater pearl jewelry
$36 –

Mood jewelry
8 –

Chunky costume jewelry
$599 –

White gold jewelry
$640 –

Jon Richard pearl bangle
9.60 –

Amrita Singh 18k ring
$100 –

Briolette freshwater pearl jewelry
$70 –

Amrita Singh white pearl necklace
$100 –

Swesky pearl diamond earrings
239 –

Chain necklace
$695 –

Roberto Coin diamond jewelry
$4,700 –

Art deco ring
$2,450 –

Cultured pearl ring
$159 –

Carolee glass jewelry
$165 –

This week it is all about pearls. Pearls are timeless. Pearls are elegant and chic. Wear them on your wedding day. wear them everyday.
Be fabulous in pearls,


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{Business} Do What You Love

Do what you love…

How many times have you heard those words? Let me tell you, though, that these are very wise words. You can be the best only at what you love. Simply because you put all of your passion, time and devotion into it. You give it all. Because you love it. Simple.

Finding what you love, however, is not that simple. It took me quite a few years and multiple degrees to figure out what I really enjoy doing. I danced ballet since I was 10 and graduated from a Ballet Academy in Estonia at 19.  I then worked in the bridal fashion industry for a year.  I also received a bachelor’s degree in nursing and tried that on for size. But none of it seemed quite right.  I started in the wedding coordinating business really only as a hobby, simply because I enjoyed it. I love everything about weddings: creating clean and classic designs, brides that become friends, lush flowers, happiness, love.  I even love the thrill of the last minute stress. And today, eight years after starting my busniess, I am beaming like a little kid on Christmas every time I open my website and see how much my business has grown.

Finding and doing what you love is AMAZING!

So follow your dreams today and fuel your passion,


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