Mayyas Beach Wedding Fashion Report

Mayyas Beach Wedding Fashion Report

If you are reading this blog then you probably are one of the lucky brides who is planning her beach wedding in Destin or Panama City Beach, Florida. Why lucky? Because the Emerald Coast is the best place for beach weddings.

To make your beach wedding even more awesome please check out my weekly beach wedding fashion report.

This month we will talk about beach wedding accessories. Diamonds, sparkles, bling, whatever you call it we will cover it.


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Wedding Invitations Beach Style

Invitations can tell a guest a lot about your wedding.  It can tell theme the color palette, dress attire, and even level of formality.  When you plan a beach/destination wedding, tell your guests everything you can in your invitations.

If your wedding is going to be on the beach, maybe you can incorporate a seashell, mini starfish or a sand dollar.  Another great way to tell your guests your wedding will be in the sand is placing a picture of some flip-flops on your invitation.

If you plan to have your ceremony close to the beach, but not directly on it, you can take a more classic approach and just show your color palette and nothing about beaches.  Your guests will know that they can dress up a bit more and not have to worry about sand getting in their shoes.

If your wedding is going to be on a boat, try adding some nautical theme to your invitation.  Maybe an anchor, or a helm.

Invitations are easy to play around with and bring uniqueness to your big day.  Have fun!

Have a fabulous day,

Last updated: November 26, 2014 at 22:43 pm

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Vera Wang Perfect For Beach Weddings

Vera Wang is one of my FAVORITE designers!  I first fell in love with her wedding dresses after watching “Bride Wars” with Kate Hudson.  The dress she wore in that movie was absolutely stunning!

Vera Wang’s new Spring 2012 wedding dress collection is one to impress!  She introduces dresses of all different styles.  I love how she doesn’t just stick with the color white either.  She has dresses in shades of cream, tan, green, and pink. And the best part is you do not have to pay couture price for it.  Davids Bridal offers select Vera Wang dresses at their stores, all of which are stunning!  Davids Bridal also has a collection by Vera Wang for your bridesmaids! Yay!

The other day I went to the mall and saw engagement rings designed by Vera Wang.  Just like her dresses, her rings are absolutely gorgeous!  They are the dream rings of every girl!  They are flaunted with diamonds and glitter with elegance.  They are to die for!

And why not top off your big day with Vera Wang fragrance?  My favorite of hers is the “Princess” (and No I don’t love it for the name :)   I purchased the body lotion awhile ago and wear it almost every day, I love it!   She even has a fragrance for men, clothing line, and home decor items at Kohl’s! What? I know Vera Wang is one busy lady!

So when planning your Destin beach wedding, don’t forget to check out Vera Wang’s collection.  She has so much to offer at any price range :)

PS. David’s Bridal is having an Anniversary sale for White by Vera Wang  (through February 20)!

Have a fabulous day,

Last updated: November 26, 2014 at 21:05 pm

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Beach Wedding Photos Advice

This year I have noticed  that many of our couples were overwhelmed when asked what type of pictures they were looking at for their special day. It is always better to do some online searching to discover the style that would best suite your tastes. I would reccomend even printing some of the pictires that you may like most and bringing them along to share with your photographer.  Visit our Pinterest beach wedding board “Must Have Beach Wedding Photos” to get inspired. Also keep in mind that you may also bring along a  few small personal items such as a seashell to display your rings on or other small items to make your wedding unique.
The style of your pictures is something you should have discussed( and hopefully agreed upon) before the wedding. There are many styles and poses that the photographer can offer. Do you prefer classic and traditional look? Or a more flirtatious and fun look? Either way having a good idea of what you want will go a long way to insuring you are completely happy with the outcome. We want your wedding pictures to be unique as our couples are, Be yourself and remember that this shots are the memories of your special day to reflect and remember for eternity. Do not be afraid to speak up and explain exactly what you are looking for and remember the photographer is there for YOU.
Following the ceremony pictures with friends and family follow. Please know ahead of time whom you would like to have photographed so that there is no confusion between your photographer and your family.
Those are just few tips to make your special day less stressful and more enjoyable for everyone.
Be fabulous today,
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Mayyas’ Beach Wedding Trend Report

Mayyas’ Beach Wedding Trend Report

$383 –

Brian Atwood pumps
$595 –

Casadei pumps
£590 –

Carvela pumps
£49 –
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Our Beach Wedding Office: Something’s Gotta Give

I have been super busy (nothing new really). We are in a final run of preparations for our beach wedding season. Your spring and summer weddings are going to be here in no time. With that said I have been organizing (maybe a little too obsessively) and going through all wedding files and making sure we have locations and times for all of our weddings (if you have not sent me your info on this yet PLEASE do so as soon as possible). Custom materials, sashes, flowers, mason jars, lanterns and other new (and may I add fabulous) decorations are ordered. Yay (can’t wait to get it all in the mail)!!!

All of this organizing took most of my time during past few days (and nights). My inbox was being flooded with emails, my voice mail filling up with messages, laundry room full of clothes ready to be washed and dinner that needs to be made. I was just getting overwhelmed with my to do list (that was growing with each minute). So I had to take a minute, sit down and think. Does it really matter that my laundry will not get folded today (or tomorrow), or if I have dirty dishes piled up in the kitchen. No it does not. What matters is that my daughter is happy, my husband feels loved and my brides are taken care of. I needed to realize this and stop freaking out about small stuff.

So I took my daughter to the park, had pizza for dinner, took care of my inbox (sorry everyone for 11 pm emails), have only few calls to return and I. feel. good.

Maybe next week will be better and I will finally tackle the mounting pile of laundry, don’t judge :)


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