Destin Beach Wedding Glitter And Glam

I’m pretty sure every girl loves items that glitter and shimmer!  Glitter for a beach wedding is perfect.  You will have the natural glitter from the ocean and the sand combined with the glitter you incorporate:  it’ll all be so beautiful put together!  So I’ve come up with a few items you can incorporate into your big day.

The best way to add glitter is  SHOES!!  I recently came across this fabulous picture:

And then I found a blog on how to do it yourself. Come visit The Kurtz Corner for step by step instructions. So many designers are coming out with very glittery and shiny shoes!  You can sport some underneath your beautiful gown, and even ask your bridesmaids to wear them too.  What a perfect way for a girl to wear some shine!

Want to try something new?  Try adding some sparkle in your flower bouquets and boutonnieres.  Many craft stores (such as Hobby Lobby and Michael’s)  sell diamond pins that can be easily stuck into the center of flowers. Another great source for fabulous pins is Save on Crafts online store (but beware this website is addicting).   Your photographs will sure to shine with these little diamonds peeking out of your flowers!

A big part of beach wedding ceremonies is cutting and eating the cake.  Dress your cake with some bling! You can ask your baker to incorporate small flashes of shine.  They can give you some shiny flowers, diamond beading, or even top the cake with colored sequins.

Show your girly side and don’t be afraid of adding glitter to your Florida beach wedding.  There are literally so many places it can be done without being overboard.  Talk to any of our wedding coordinators what they think will be best for your wedding.

Happy planning,


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Mayya’s Beach Wedding Fashion Report: Arm Candy

Mayya's Beach Wedding Fashion report: Arm Candy
Hello blogettes! Today, I am sharing with you my favorite arm candy for this season. You can have so much fun mixing up all the bracelets.

Mastoloni bracelet
$4,900 –

Majolie Collections bracelet
$2,720 –

Philippe Audibert bracelet
$885 –

CA LOU bracelet
€455 –

Yves Saint Laurent bracelet
$395 –

Nadri bracelet
$248 –

Wildfox Couture bracelet
$140 –

CC SKYE bracelet
$125 –

ChloBo bracelet
£55 –

Betsey Johnson bracelet
$55 –

VIcenza bracelet
£12 –

Red Herring ring
£8 –


Dana Rebecca Designs bracelet
Be fabulous today,
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Brooch Bouquets For Beach Wedding

Have you noticed that brooch bouquets are becoming a hit?  How can they not when they are simply beautiful?!  I personally love them so much.  They are awesome in so many ways: they are glamourous and shiny, you can incorporate family belongings into it (maybe your grandmother or mom have a bunch of brooches or jewelry for you to have), they can be saved the way they are for practically ever, and the extra shine in your photographs will look amazing!

Feeling crafty?  You can make your bouquet by hand if you want.  And what’s great is you can make it MONTHS in advance! So sit down with your ladies and grab your mom too.  It could be a fun craft for everyone to participate in.  But just be warned, it is a tough task to do.  It will take much patience and time.  But just think of the end product: it’ll look great!!

Brooch bouquets are so extravagant, even celebrities are carrying them down the isle!  Last year, Miranda Lambert carried a stunning one!  The neat thing about hers was that she asked all the guests at her bridal shower to bring one brooch.  Then she shipped them off and the final bouquet was designed by The Ritzy Rose (they also have Etsy shop!).  The bouquet turned out stunning!

Also here is a gorgeous brooch bouquet that was made by Mary Jo Odom at Florida Nuptials (email or call us for more info):

So gather up all your brooches and set out to have yours created!  They are sure to impress!!



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Real Destin Beach Wedding: Heather and Bert

Hello ladies,

long time no see. Oh how I missed our blog and being able to share all the fun and exciting things happening in our office.

I will start with a gorgeous, awesome, and fabulous beach wedding we did few days ago. Heather and Bert (may I note again that we work with most beautiful and awesome couples on earth) were married on the beach access at Avalon neighborhood in Destin, Florida. Heather chose Bali flags as a focal point of her decor. White chairs, fresh rose petals and white flower globes complimented this beach wedding ceremony. Color palette was mixture of fresh and vibrant greens, purples and whites (brilliant!). We emailed quite a few times before we settled on the flowers for bouquets and I think they turned out perfect.

Welcome to their wedding:

Beach Wedding Location: private beach access at Avalon neighborhood, Miramar Beach, FL

Beach Wedding Package: customized Serenity Package (changed bamboo arbor to bali flags, and added bouquets)

Flowers: Princess Wedding Co

Wedding Coordinator: Janet Burdash, Princess Wedding Co

Wedding Photographer: Edina Kiss Photography

Thank you Sign from: MirtilloShop on  Etsy

Talk soon,



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