About Kristina

Kristina has a keen eye for style because of her background in both the theater and fashion industries. She has traveled all over the world and worked for a bridalfashion company in Japan , where she gained invaluable knowledge as a wedding specialist. After helping numerous friends and family members plan their weddings, she opened her first wedding design company in 2003, named Princess Wedding. Although her company was first located in Oklahoma City, she now provides services to the Emerald Coast of Florida. Today Kristina is a wedding event director, designing and coordinating weddings to help her brides feel like a princess on their wedding day.

Get it Girl: Burt’s Bee Lip Care


I am addicted to lip balms. Till recently I have been using Victoria Secret’s Minty Lip Balm. But lately I have been on a health kick (trying to switch to more natural products) and tried Burt’s  Bee products. I can honestly say Burts Beeswax lip balms are THE Best! Currently I am using Vitamin E and Pepermint one and I absolutely love it! Its super moisturizing and smells amazing (reminds me of Blistex)!  And to top it off its 100% natural goodness (shea butter, Fruit Seed Oils and Peppermint oil).


I also tried Burt’s Beeswax Tinted Lip Shimmer and again I am in love! There are tons of shades to choose from and they taste, feel and look great! So far I tried: Champagne (my fav!), Strawberry and Guava.

So, if you want smooth and lustrous lips for your wedding I would definitely recommend giving Burt’s Beeswax balms a try.

Get it girl!



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Destin Beach Wedding Gifts Part 2: Bride’s Gift to Groom

grooms gift watch destin weddings

What girl doesn’t love to shop?  Especially when it is for the person they love the most in this world.  Men, however, tend to be harder to shop for. So key into his personality and give him something more meaningful.  Remember this gift is something you want them to cherish the rest of their lives.

Here are a few ideas:

On a Budget


  • Bottle of your favorite wine
  • Customized calendar with pictures of the two of you
  • Mixed CD of your favorite songs and a love note
  • Money clip
  • Photo frame
  • Monogrammed golf balls
  • Hand etched beer mugs
  • Romantic Love note

Fun Gift

destin beach weddin gift groom

  • Custom Socks
  • Custom guitar pick
  • Personalized collar stays

Traditional Picks

groom’s gift from bride watch

  • A new watch
  • Cufflinks
  • Gift basket of all his favorite things
  • New leather wallet, monogramed
  • Something to use on your honeymoon, like brand name sunglasses or fun outdoor equipment

Technology Gifts


  • Digital camera
  • Flat-screen TV
  • GPS system
  • iPod or MP3 player
  • Video game system

For more inspiration visit our Destin Beach Wedding Pinteret Boards



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Wedding Gifts Part 1: Groom’s Gift to Bride

gift from groom to bride

Many couples follow in tradition and exchange gifts prior to the wedding.  You can also exchange them by way of carrier on the actual day, at the rehearsal dinner, or after the ceremony has taken place.  It’s really up to you.

Finding a  gift for the bride can either be really fun and exciting or it can be daunting.  Some brides are happy just to be sharing the rest of her life with her new groom, while others send out subtle hints of what she wants.  Key in on her tune!  Here are a few ideas fo r the stumped:

Small Budget

beach wedding destin gift to bride

  • A book of poetry, highlighted with some phrases you feel relate to your relationship
  • A greeting card with loving words of how you feel to getting married
  • A handwritten note about how you can’t wait to have her for your wife
  • A self-written poem
  • A photo frame with a favorite picture of the two of you
  • A single long stem red rose proclaiming your love

Traditional to the Wedding Day

wedding gift to bride from groom

  • A dozen red roses
  • A string of pearls
  • Diamond or pearl earrings
  • Jewelry box and an all-important item for her to wear on your wedding day

         Fun and Adventurous

  • An expensive name brand purse you know she wants but wouldn’t buy for herself
  • Something to use on the honeymoon, like snorkeling gear or a beach bag with flip flops, a soft new beach towel, and a book you know she’s been wanting

        The limitless budget

gift ideas for the bride

  • A full set of matching jewelry
  • A special collectible that reminds you of the two of you and your relationship
  • Cruise tickets booked for a future vacation for the two of you


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2013 Most Popular Destin Beach Wedding Packages

0R2B0004 (2)

Hello all,

Serenity package has been one of our most popular packages for the last few years. This beach wedding package has everything you will need for your Destin or Panama City  beach wedding ceremony. It is elegant and chic.  But in 2013 we created Legacy Package and it quickly has been taking a spot light away from serenity package. The new curtain style arbor, tall shepherd hooks and vases filled with pure white hydrangeas with turoise Emerald Coast waters in the background create pure perfection. Turquoise, beige and coral dominated the beach color palette choices for 2013.

Here are the most popular Destin and Panama City Beach Wedding packages and colors:

legacy beach wedding packageLegacy package burlap sashesblue beach wedding legacybeige beach wedding beige destin beach weddingturquoise  beach wedding panama city beachturoiuse beach wedding panama city beachbest beach wedding destincoral beach wedding panama city beachbamboo arbor coral beach weddingnavy beach wedding destin




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Mayya’s Beach Wedding Trend Report: Our 10 Favorite Bridal Bouquets for 2013

april 18 bridal party flowers

Mayya’s Beach Trend Reports are back! Ahh, what a season we had in 2013. It was busy, fulfilling, and just plain awesome! When I was looking over the gorgeous pictures from 2013 weddings, the idea of doing 10 Favorites was born. We are so lucky to work with the most stylish, creative and trendy brides. So today Mayya’s Fashion Report brings you Princess Wedding Staff’s 10 Favorite Bridal Bouquets from 2013.

Mayya’s Trend note:

  • Blooms: Lush peonies, garden roses, orchids and carnations all seemed to dominate bridal bouquets in 2013
  • Colors: Blush Pink (yay!), pure white, and green were classic choice for beach weddings
  • Bling it: Vintage dazzles, jewels, pearls, and crystals made a striking statement in 2013 floral designs
  • Sentimental value: lockets or piece of jewelry with special meaning to bride, added personal touch to beach ceremony

sept 18 destin weddign flowersjuly 13 destin bridal flowers brdial bouquete aprl20 peonies bridal bouquet destinshell bridal bouquete destin pink bridal flowers destin florist shell bridal bouquet destin florist  white bridal bouquettebridla party flowers destin floristbridal bouquete destin



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Princess Wedding Co 10 Year Birthday and Special Deal!

PWC Logo2 Full Color

Princess Wedding Co was born on December 2003. Since then our brand has grown and changed tremendously. I started this company as a small project in Oklahoma City. Then in 2005 from planning city weddings we moved to Panama City Beach, Florida and began creating chic and elegant beach weddings. We started with one employee, now we work with 4 wonderful ladies and a great group of hand picked vendors. Those people are my lifesavers and are directly responsible for Princess Wedding Co success.

I honestly can’t believe it’s been 10 years! Unbelievable! Here is a toast to the next ten years!

To celebrate 10 year birthday of Princess Wedding Co we would like to offer $200 off  all of our packages (any day or time of the week in 2014) that are booked before January 15th. Hurry, we can not wait to work with you in 2014! Lets create beautiful and unforgettable event together!

princess wedding co

Cheers, Kristina

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Our Beach Wedding Office: Happy Thanksgiving!


Dear Friends,

We want to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving!

I love Thanksgiving, not only because you get to cook (which I love!) and eat awesome food, but because this day marks the beginning of Holiday Season. We can start decorating for Christmas, which I secretly started 2 week ago,  and because everybody around becomes more cheerful, joyful and just all around nicer.  So cheers to a great Holiday Season, much needed family time and some absolutely delicious food.

PR Wedding-109

Love, Kristina

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What is Your Beach Wedding Style: Extreme Glam

glitzy beach wedding

Glitter! Feathers! Diamonds! Gold! Make the statement anyway you can!

Beach Wedding Ceremony Style: Glamour bride is confident and loves everything luxurious, so Legacy Package is a winner for this bride. White chiffon on our bamboo arbor, peonies with dangling Swarovski Crystals will add that perfect sparkle. Ceremony feels decidedly distinguished with live violin or harp music trickling in. Your guests will feel like they have been transported to another universe that is full of glamor, opulence and charm.

glam beach wedding ceremony

Color Palette: White with touch of gold, pink, champagne, red or royal blue.

Hair: Find a cute feather accessory for your hair.  The bigger the diamonds in your jewelry, the better!  Big sparkly stud earrings, or shiny bangles are great!

glam bride hair ideas

Shoes: for shoes, go for sexy glitzy heel.  Maybe even try find some shoes with many diamonds glued to them.  The more the better with this style!

glam beach wedding shoes

glam bride ideasglam bridegalm wedding jeweleryglam wedding earrings

black tie beach wedding


Fro more inspiration visit our Pinterest Boards

Stay glam and happy planning,


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Our Beach Wedding Office: Behind the Scenes of Setting up Beach Wedding


Hello all,

Today I will share with you how we prepare for each of our beach weddings. From start to finnish. Here we go:

Two weeks before the wedding one of our coordinators (Annely, Me or Janet) will call you to go over the last details of the wedding. At this time we will finalize colors, number of chairs, and flow of the ceremony. We will also let you know what time to show up and what to bring. All last minute questions will be answered at this time (obviously you can still call us if you have more questions, but main things will be ironed out at this time).

The day before the wedding our staff loads the car with all decorations, checks the music, and goes over final details with all the vendors involved (usually photographer, officiate, coordinator and set up person).

On the actual wedding day we show up about 2 hours before the start of ceremony. Chairs and arbor go up first, followed by chairs sashes, sand ceremony table, aisle way decore and shoes basket. Raking of the sand is done last.

wedding coordinator destin destin wedding coordinator best

Sometimes our kiddos come to assist :) 1374335_708761915820491_267773804_n

When everything is ready and looking gorgeous, our photographers (Mayya, Edina or Ivana) take few shots of the set up.


At this point guests are staring to show up and the show begins….. Here is post about what happens during the actual ceremony.

destin wedding photographerpanama city beach wedding photographer

After the last pictures has been taken and all guest are gone, we start  the tear down. Everything is loaded back to the car and we are on our way home. Tired but happy for another successful event.

panama city beach photography best destin wedding photographer princess wedding coordinator

The next day linens and bamboo arbor chiffon gets washed and prepped for the next beach wedding.

best wedding decor panama city beach

And so it begins all over again…….

Now you know what happens not just during the ceremony but before and after :)

Happy Planning,


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What is Your Beach Wedding Style: Modern

destin beach wedding packages

Is your style modern? Classic? Helpless romantic? Or Extreme glam? Don’t follow anybodies friendly suggestions or opinions. Your future hubby fell in love with you and your style for a reason. That and well because you are simply awesome! So, just because you are having a wedding on the beach it doesn’t mean you have to compromise your style.

Modern Beach Wedding 

Modernism usually tends to more definite shapes, such as squares, circles, or triangles.  Dress: pick design with clean and straight lines.  When picking out your jewelry try and find some bright white square bangles or even some cubist earrings.  Fun necklace is a must. Looking for the perfect shoes?  Find some shiny leather ones or Toms!  For your reception, try carrying around a cute leather or satin clutch.

Guys: swap your white tux shirt for something more colorful. Go with bold colors and add a bow tie or a slick tie. Instead of traditional  flower boutonniere try something more fun and unique.  Its a perfect way to add personal and unique touch to your wedding.

modern bride beach weddingmodern bridemodern beach bridegrooms fashion beach weddingmodern wedding accessoriesmodern shoes sign weddingtoms beach wedding shoesmodern wedding flowersmodern weddingmodern black and red wedding

Photo source from Princess Wedding Co and Pinterest

Classic, Helpless Romantic, and Extreme Glam Wedding Styles coming soon……

Happy planning,


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