Mayya’s Beach Wedding Trend Report: Color Splash with Accessories

Color Splash for Beach Wedding
Hi girls,
White has always been traditional color for weddings. But you can still spice it up with splash of color, by adding accessories. Don’t be afraid to add pizzaz and play with your favorite colors. Shoes, earrings and cuffs are easy way to incorporate pop of color into your beach wedding.
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Mayya’s Beach Wedding Fashion Report

Mayya's Beach Wedding Fashion Report
Hi, Girls! This month we are still talking about Make up. And this week Beach Wedding Report speciale for creative girls!!! Look different!!

Chanel lipstick

Giorgio Armani matte eyeshadow

Giorgio Armani sheer lipstick

Dolce Gabbana lip makeup
$45 -

Estée Lauder mascara

Lancôme mascara

Yves Saint Laurent lip stick
$37 -

Stila glitter eyeshadow

Buxom thick eyeliner

Estée Lauder lip makeup
$31 -

Benefit pencil eyeliner

Eye makeup

Miyo eyeshadow
$7.05 -

Stila beauty product
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Mayya’s Beach Wedding Fashion Report: Retro Make Up

Hello Ladies,
this week’s beach wedding report is about retro make up. Hope this board inspires you.
Happy  planning,
Mayya's Beach Wedding Fashion Report

Tom Ford lip stick

Lip stick

Stila makeup brush

Lancôme lip stick

Lancôme black makeup

Chanel eyeliner
$39 -

Hourglass Cosmetics mascara
$33 -

Stila blush

Lord Berry matte lipstick
$12 -

Eylure false eyelash
$8.55 -
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Mayya’s Beach Wedding Fashion Report: Natural Make Up

This month we are talking about make up. This week week theme is natural and fresh look.
Mayya's Beach Wedding Fashion Report

Tom ford lipstick

By Terry lip gloss

By Terry lip gloss

Clarins foundation
$65 -

Dolce Gabbana bronzing powder
$51 -

Dolce Gabbana blush
$47 -

Lancôme mascara

$40 -

Yves saint laurent lipstick
$37 -

Stila eyeshadow

Stila eyeshadow


Revlon eyeshadow
$20 -

Natio eyeliner
$13 -


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Mayya’s Beach Fashion Report

Mayya's Beach Fashion Report

J Mendel bridal dress
$1,890 -

Christian Dior matte eyeshadow
$59 -

By Terry black eye makeup
$43 -

Dolce Gabbana bronzing powder
£33 -

Dolce Gabbana lip stick
$32 -

Yves saint laurent lipstick
$32 -

Giorgio Armani orange lipstick
$30 -

Giorgio Armani clear mascara
$30 -

Yves Saint Laurent mascara
$30 -

Beauty Is Life orange lipstick
$28 -

NARS Cosmetics lip gloss
$26 -

Lancôme waterproof makeup
£21 -

Black makeup
$18 -

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics eyeliner
£17 -

Max Factor blush
£7.95 -

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Mayyas Beach Wedding Fashion Report

Mayyas Beach Wedding Fashion Report

Horn necklace
$6,830 -

Wooden jewelry
$6,500 -

Pearl necklace

Rope necklace
$1,100 -

Chanel double chain necklace

Choker necklace
$895 -

$840 -

Miu Miu pearl crystal necklace
$710 -

Oscar de la Renta 24 karat gold jewelry
$695 -

$530 -

Nude jewelry
$410 -

Pearl necklace
$395 -

Gabriele Frantzen south sea pearl jewelry
€298 -

Kenneth jay lane necklace
$120 -

L K Bennett multi chain necklace
£65 -

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Mayya’s Beach Wedding Fashion Report: Arm Candy

Mayya's Beach Wedding Fashion report: Arm Candy
Hello blogettes! Today, I am sharing with you my favorite arm candy for this season. You can have so much fun mixing up all the bracelets.

Mastoloni bracelet
$4,900 -

Majolie Collections bracelet
$2,720 -

Philippe Audibert bracelet
$885 -

CA LOU bracelet
€455 -

Yves Saint Laurent bracelet
$395 -

Nadri bracelet
$248 -

Wildfox Couture bracelet
$140 -

CC SKYE bracelet
$125 -

ChloBo bracelet
£55 -

Betsey Johnson bracelet
$55 -

VIcenza bracelet
£12 -

Red Herring ring
£8 -


Dana Rebecca Designs bracelet
Be fabulous today,
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Mayya’s Beach Wedding Trend Report

Mayya’s Beach Wedding Trend Report

Colucci Diamonds earrings
$28,000 -

Irene Neuwirth earrings
$9,660 -

PERLOTA earrings
€2.115 -

LORD & TAYLOR earrings
$1,020 -

Effy Collection earrings
$675 -

Chanel earrings

$1,200 -

$900 -

John Hardy earrings
$495 -

$450 -

Hillier earrings
$430 -

Chanel earrings
€376 -

Lana Jewelry earrings
$330 -

$250 -

Amrita Singh earrings
$100 -



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Mayyas Beach Wedding Fashion Report

Mayyas Beach Wedding Fashion Report

If you are reading this blog then you probably are one of the lucky brides who is planning her beach wedding in Destin or Panama City Beach, Florida. Why lucky? Because the Emerald Coast is the best place for beach weddings.

To make your beach wedding even more awesome please check out my weekly beach wedding fashion report.

This month we will talk about beach wedding accessories. Diamonds, sparkles, bling, whatever you call it we will cover it.


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