Mayya’s Beach Wedding Fashion Report: Met Gala Picks

As you know Met Gala happened few days ago. This is by far my favorite fashion event of the year. Met gala picks a different theme each year and this years theme was dedicated to the first American couturier, Charles James (a far cry from last years “punk” theme).  Charles James style is very glamourous and chic, so I was more than excited to see all the dresses celebrities would pick for this event.  Here are my few picks:

slide_347465_3703246_free slide_347465_3703181_free 1399329565_sarah-jessica-parker-zoom 488321867_19355962737.jpg_gallery_max slide_347465_3703219_free img-stellatennatmetgala_215617482725.jpg_gallery_maxCheers,



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Mayya’s Beach Wedding Trend Report: Color Splash with Accessories

Color Splash for Beach Wedding
Hi girls,
White has always been traditional color for weddings. But you can still spice it up with splash of color, by adding accessories. Don’t be afraid to add pizzaz and play with your favorite colors. Shoes, earrings and cuffs are easy way to incorporate pop of color into your beach wedding.
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Mayya’s Beach Wedding Trend Report: Our 10 Favorite Bridal Bouquets for 2013

april 18 bridal party flowers

Mayya’s Beach Trend Reports are back! Ahh, what a season we had in 2013. It was busy, fulfilling, and just plain awesome! When I was looking over the gorgeous pictures from 2013 weddings, the idea of doing 10 Favorites was born. We are so lucky to work with the most stylish, creative and trendy brides. So today Mayya’s Fashion Report brings you Princess Wedding Staff’s 10 Favorite Bridal Bouquets from 2013.

Mayya’s Trend note:

  • Blooms: Lush peonies, garden roses, orchids and carnations all seemed to dominate bridal bouquets in 2013
  • Colors: Blush Pink (yay!), pure white, and green were classic choice for beach weddings
  • Bling it: Vintage dazzles, jewels, pearls, and crystals made a striking statement in 2013 floral designs
  • Sentimental value: lockets or piece of jewelry with special meaning to bride, added personal touch to beach ceremony

sept 18 destin weddign flowersjuly 13 destin bridal flowers brdial bouquete aprl20 peonies bridal bouquet destinshell bridal bouquete destin pink bridal flowers destin florist shell bridal bouquet destin florist  white bridal bouquettebridla party flowers destin floristbridal bouquete destin


Last updated: November 26, 2014 at 21:35 pm

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What is Your Destin Beach Wedding Style: Extreme Glam

glitzy beach wedding

Glitter! Feathers! Diamonds! Gold! Make the statement anyway you can!

Destin Beach Wedding Ceremony Style: Glamour bride is confident and loves everything luxurious, so Legacy Package is a winner for this bride. White chiffon on our bamboo arbor, peonies with dangling Swarovski Crystals will add that perfect sparkle. Ceremony feels decidedly distinguished with live violin or harp music trickling in. Your guests will feel like they have been transported to another universe that is full of glamor, opulence and charm.

glam beach wedding ceremony

Color Palette: White with touch of gold, pink, champagne, red or royal blue.

Hair: Find a cute feather accessory for your hair.  The bigger the diamonds in your jewelry, the better!  Big sparkly stud earrings, or shiny bangles are great!

glam bride hair ideas

Shoes: for shoes, go for sexy glitzy heel.  Maybe even try find some shoes with many diamonds glued to them.  The more the better with this style!

glam beach wedding shoes

glam bride ideasglam bridegalm wedding jeweleryglam wedding earrings

black tie beach wedding


Fro more inspiration visit our Pinterest Boards

Stay glam and happy planning your Destin or Jacksonville beach wedding,

Last updated: November 26, 2014 at 22:58 pm

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Mayya’s Beach Wedding Fashion Report: Groom Fashion

We have talked and blogged so much about girl’s fashion that we somehow forgot about guys. How could we? Well today its all about  you, gentlemen.

Before choosing attire for your Destin beach wedding define your style:  are you classic kind of guy or are you more hip? Here are few fashionable options to make you look and feel like a billion bucks:

Casual beach look: white linen shirt with khaki or grey pants

Men in suite: who doesn’t love man in suit?  For a beach wedding choose light fabric (seersucker suit is great option). Stick with different shades of grey (and not the fifty kind :) beige and white. You sure to woe your bride in one of these:

 Hip kind a guy: add bow tie, vest and suspenders.

Accessories:  Add luxury and personality to your look with accessories such as cufflinks, tie (in your wedding color), boutonniere, neatly folded handkerchief,  or suspenders (totally trendy). Oh and sunglasses (just not during the ceremony, please!).

For more inspiration head to Pinterest.

Keep it fun and stay classy,

Last updated: November 26, 2014 at 19:56 pm

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What to Wear to a Beach Wedding

1. Dress 2. Dress 3. Dress 4. Dress 

1. Dress 2. Dress 3. Dress

While beach weddings are a bit more relaxed that church weddings, remember that it’s

still a celebration and therefore guests should be dressed to represent that. Also remember that there will be lots of pictures taken and you want to look your best don’t you! So what do you wear? You don’t want to look casual or overdressed.

Here are few tips: pretty floral dress is always a good choice. For a bohemian look go for a flowy maxi dress. Bright colors and prints look great on the beach.

Absolute no no’s for beach weddings (or any kind of wedding for that matter) are jeans and casual shorts (girls). Oh and no white please!


Last updated: November 26, 2014 at 20:56 pm

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Jacksonville Beach Wedding Trends: NY Bridal Fashion Week

Hello ladies,

As you all know we love fashion here at Princess Wedding Co. So what kind of fashionistas are we if we do not cover latest Bridal Fashion Week that just happened in New York. Trends we have noticed are lace (not surprised), low cut backs, sheer overlays, glitter, mermaid silhouette, long sleeves (royal effect?), and short dresses.

My favorite designers for 2013 season are Maggie Sottero and Monique Lhuillier.

1. Long Sleves:

2. Low cut backs

3. Sheer Overlays

4. Mermaid Silhouette

5. Short Dress

6. Lace Details

7. Vintage Styles

8. Glitter (every bride needs some glitter on her wedding day). This 2 are by far my favorite dresses of the season.

For more beach wedding fashion inspiration visit our Pinterest page.

Have a great day,


Last updated: November 26, 2014 at 23:18 pm

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Mayya’s Beach Wedding Fashion Report

Mayya's Beach Wedding Fashion Report
Hi, Girls! This month we are still talking about Make up. And this week Beach Wedding Report speciale for creative girls!!! Look different!!

Chanel lipstick

Giorgio Armani matte eyeshadow

Giorgio Armani sheer lipstick

Dolce Gabbana lip makeup
$45 –

Estée Lauder mascara

Lancôme mascara

Yves Saint Laurent lip stick
$37 –

Stila glitter eyeshadow

Buxom thick eyeliner

Estée Lauder lip makeup
$31 –

Benefit pencil eyeliner

Eye makeup

Miyo eyeshadow
$7.05 –

Stila beauty product

Last updated: November 26, 2014 at 19:58 pm

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Mayya’s Beach Wedding Fashion Report: Retro Make Up

Hello Ladies,
this week’s beach wedding report is about retro make up. Hope this board inspires you.
Happy  planning,
Mayya's Beach Wedding Fashion Report

Tom Ford lip stick

Lip stick

Stila makeup brush

Lancôme lip stick

Lancôme black makeup

Chanel eyeliner
$39 –

Hourglass Cosmetics mascara
$33 –

Stila blush

Lord Berry matte lipstick
$12 –

Eylure false eyelash
$8.55 –

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